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About Us
Get A Rate is a new kind of mortgage company taking a fresh approach to lending and client relationships. From digital solutions to transparent services, we're all about helping our clients achieve the highest level of success when it comes to personal accomplishments and home ownership. Whether they’re looking to buy a home or refinance a loan, Get A Rate works to empower our clients in accomplishing their goals and dreams
By leveraging technology, we've been able to eliminate obsolete systems and unnecessary fees so we can operate at a fraction of the cost compared to other lenders and pass those savings on to our clients. Additionally, our digital mortgage solutions and client support team offer a new and better client experience that’s quick, simple and fully transparent. Empowering clients to make the right decision is what we do, and it's because we believe that pride of homeownership should never be at the cost of sacrificing one's happiness.
Michael Sema
CEO of Get A Rate
Our Difference
Team of Experts
Have questions? Great! We have answers. Our team is here to help make getting a mortgage easy.
A True Affordability Calculator
Get a full picture of affordability because we include the things you may forget—property taxes, income taxes and daily expenses.
Accurate Rate Quotes
Our home loan advisors don't just pull your credit, they check all of the relevant documentation: pay stubs, bank statements, and more. We go the extra mile to ensure a true, accurate rate.
Underwritten Pre-Approval in 10 Mins
We have 100% internal control, so you can get pre-approved in minutes instead of hours. Start shopping for your new home sooner.
Our Process

Asking the right questions and understanding your goals, needs and circumstances.


Involving you in the planning process to ensure you are protected from the unexpected.


Ensuring a truly stress-free closing experience by triple-checking everything.

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