Better Deal Guarantee

Lock in rate with confidence

Get a better deal
or we pay up

If another lender has a better deal, send us their loan estimate within 3 business days from the date on the loan estimate. If we can’t beat it by at least $500, we’ll give you $500. That’s how confident we are in our rates.

How do we do it?

By leveraging technology, we’ve been able to eliminate obsolete systems and unnecessary fees so we can operate at a fraction of the cost compared to other lenders and pass those savings on to our clients.

The Better Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

1. Offer is only to customers who do not have a rate lock with Get A Rate in the sixty (60) days prior to the date of the presented Loan Estimate (LE) from another lender.

2. “Beat it by $500” refers to the Get A Rate Loan Estimate being lower in lender charges for the same rate and loan terms.  Lender Charges refer to “A” Origination Charges + any Lender Credit in section “J” of the Loan Estimate.  Get A Rate, at its discretion, may also offer a lower rate at the same cost of the other lender to be considered of at least equal value.

3. Get A Rate may, in its sole discretion, accept LE proxies (e.g., rate sheets from other lenders) provided the rate and terms from the competitive lender are readily available to the general public.

4. The Loan Estimate must be dated within 2 business days from its date of submission to Get A Rate.

5. Offer is only valid in states where Get A Rate is currently originating loans and for Conforming Loan Limits only (not Jumbo). It includes all single-family residences, condominiums, and PUDs.

6. Offer cannot be used to refinance loans originated by Get A Rate in the previous 6 months.

7. To claim offer proceeds borrower must (1) fund their loan with lender that Get A Rate could not beat by $500 in Lender Fees using the same LE presented to Get A Rate to initiate this promotion; and (2) present closing disclosure and final note from funded loan within thirty (30) days of closing.

8. Amounts on the Loan Estimate may still vary within regulatory tolerances from the closing disclosure based on findings in underwriting, and all loans are subject to credit approval.

9. Offer may only be used once per loan application and is invalid if the borrower submits a Loan Estimate from a lender with a rate that is not publicly available (e.g., requiring a minimum amount of assets under management or other private banking type relationships). 

10. Get A Rate reserves the right to rescind or modify the terms of this offer without prior notice.