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Feb 11, 2020
You’ve probably seen the headlines: “Interest Rates Are At A Record Low” all over the news recently. Great news- right? But as a reader, do you ever wonder, “What determines mortgage interest rates?” or “What caused the rates to drop in such a dramatic fashion?” or, better yet, “So what exactly does this mean for homebuyers?” and of course, the burning question “How long will the rates stay low...
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Feb 10, 2020
So you’re getting ready to start the home hunting process and you’d like to enlist a professional- great! But where do you start?   The first thing to ask: is this property represented by an Agent? If it’s not, if it’s a For Sale By Owner, if it’s someone you’ve met through the grapevine that you heard wants to sell their home, then the truth is you do not need an agent! You can lean on your at...
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Nov 26, 2019
Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Lock In” regarding Mortgage Interest Rates. It sounds like a big, and perhaps scary, commitment- no? No worries! (And no need to get cold feet.) We’ll explain why Locking In that Mortgage Interest Rate isn’t as big of a step as one may think.   What happens when you lock it in? Locking In the Mortgage Interest Rate is one of the earlier steps taken when securing a...
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Nov 7, 2019
So you’re trying to refinance… Perhaps you’re eligible for a Discount? No? Well, you don’t know until you try! Read on to see if you can save some green on your refinance!   Speak-up! When you speak with your MLO, don’t be afraid to speak up! Ask if you qualify for any discounts based on your financial status or where you’re looking to buy.   More people are eligible than you may think...Statis...
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Mar 8, 2018
Purchasing your first home can be an exciting but stressful time, especially when every dollar counts. In most instances, the fear of prospective homeowners involves what they don't know regarding the financing and purchasing process. Even if you think there may be programs designed to assist you, finding and navigating them can feel like an exercise in futility. It may be easy for someone to t...
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