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Empowerment through Education
Oct 14, 2017
With the Fed implying a lean towards raising the rates one last time before the end of 2017 (expected in December), many homeowners are asking “Should I refinance my mortgage now?” State Of The Union: Refinancing & Rates On The Rise “Even with rates rising, it will still make sense for many homeowners to refinance a current home loan.  With proper education and guidance, homeowners will be able...
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Jul 1, 2016
With everyone watching Britain’s vote to exit the European Union a few weeks ago, affectionately coined “Brexit” by news outlets, it can be a little worrisome to someone excited about buying a home in 2016.   But should people really be worried? We’ll go over Brexit’s impact on: The Housing Market & Who’s Most Affected The Mortgage Industry Effect, and Who Benefits The Most And without furthe...
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