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March 2019

A New & Better Way To Mortgage

Digital Mortgage Gets Your Deal Done Fast

Going the traditional route with mortgage pre-approval can mean weeks of delay. Digital mortgage solutions offer more rapid pre-approval and often lower interest rate. Online paper-free mortgage applications are disrupting the industry because they put the buyer in control. When you’re looking for a new home loan or refinance opportunity, a digital mortgage can speed the process.  

The pitfalls of the traditional mortgage process

If you’ve ever been through the mortgage process, you know that it is frustrating and, worst of all, slow. The process starts by talking to a loan originator and completing the residential loan application which can take 45 minutes or more. From there, you can expect to:  

  • Gather up all your documents 
  • Wait for loan to go through underwriting
  • Hope loan and rate options are feasible
  • Choose then wait for a pre-approval letter 
  • Wait for a new pre-approval letter if you need changes
  • Find a home and submit the loan, then more underwriting
  • Wait on papers to physically sign and submit

Every step of the traditional mortgage process involves waiting and there is no speeding up lenders. In addition to delays come unnecessary costs. A standard mortgage also often costs more because of commissions paid to those that process the loan.

Cutting-edge technology powers digital mortgages

There’s a better way to do mortgages, and the answer is digital. Get A Rate uses the Hybrid App, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), that takes less than 10 minutes for a pre-approval and just 20 minutes for a full mortgage loan application. 

Get A Rate’s Hybrid App is intuitive, transparent, and easy to navigate. It streamlines the application process and offers better outcomes by:

  • Pulling your credit
  • Verifying your income
  • Confirming your down payment
  • Verifying your assets
  • Automating underwriting
  • Speeding time to approval
  • Offering lower rates

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