April 2017

Free Sign Up For Unest: A Home Buyer Course That Saves Thousands

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We’re so excited to finally offer our home buyer clients a FREE course that details every step in the home buying process.   Not only will you learn how to save time but also thousands of dollars out of pocket and throughout the life of the loan.  

Unest Course Benefits

Some benefits from taking the course include: 

1.  How-To Guides, Roadmaps & Checklists 

2.  Video Lessons On How To Negotiate Sales Price, Mortgage Rates, Fees Plus More

3.  How To Avoid Top Mistakes 8 Out Of 10 Home Buyers Make & Much More!

What Unest’s Study Revealed About Home Buyers

Unest did a recent study on home buyers that purchased a home in the past 24 months and concluded that 80% of 1st Home Buyers were either frustrated, misguided and even worse, regretted their decision in buying a home.  They felt ill-prepared and trusted the wrong pro’s to help guide them.  

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The study also asked what homeowners would do differently if they could do it all over again – An overwhelming 100% of respondents said they would have wanted to take a home buyer course to help them better navigate the entire home buying process.

How To Get Free Access To Unest

Click on this link or the button below to learn more and enter the promo code to get Unest for FREE when you sign up:

>>> Free Unest Access Code: GOALS19 <<<

With so many benefits, tools and resources that will save you time and thousands plus it’s FREE – you have no excuse not to sign up. 

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