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Timing is everything, especially when you’re transitioning from renting to owning. If you’re still on the fence, try our affordability calculator. You can also try our Rent vs. Buy calculator to compare whether it makes sense to buy now or continue renting. Also, keep in mind property taxes, insurance, costs of rents in your prospective neighborhood, and intangible benefits like space and the freedom to renovate.

Guaranteed Pre-Approval Letter

Pre-Approval letters are your golden tickets to accessing sellers and real estate agents. A Mortgage Pre-Approval is a preliminary statement that affirms according to your credit history, income, and down payment reserves, you will be able to obtain a loan up to a specific amount. It also affirms that an underwriting department has reviewed and verified your scenario.

Get A Rate makes it easy for you to get pre-approved in 10 minutes or less. Apply for our Underwritten Buyer Pre-Approval to verify your approval eligibility. Trust us—it’ll reduce the amount of paperwork you’ll have to fill out later. Oh, and it also gives you an idea of the payments you’ll be able to afford when you’re shopping for your dream home.

A Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter that comes with a $2,000 guarantee. Learn more

Finding Your Home

Once you find your dream home, your home loan advisors will help prepare your mortgage application. As soon as you decide on an offer price, your real estate agent can best represent your offer to the seller.

Congratulations! Your Offer Is Accepted.

Now, you’ll finalize a contract based on the agreed-upon purchase price, closing date, and contingencies. Then, contact your mortgage lender to submit your application. Your mortgage lender will prepare disclosures for your review based on property address, purchase price, selected term and program, rates, and more.

Finalize Your Mortgage Application

In the home-buying puzzle, this is one of the most important pieces. Thankfully, with Get A Rate, it’s quick, simple and painless. You’re working with experienced Home Loan Advisors. We’re here to help empower you to make the right decision when buying a home, selecting a loan amount, program and much more. Once you’ve chosen a program, we can order the home appraisal. Your home loan advisor will work with you from here to provide you, your real estate agent, and your attorney with any updates.

Final Mortgage Approval

You’re almost done. Once your loan conditions, appraisal, and inspection reports are complete, we’ll issue the mortgage Clear to Close. It’s our promise to lend you the money for your new home. Once the mortgage Clear to Close is issued, our team will work with you to get you ready for closing.

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