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Our $2000 Pre-Approval Guarantee

A Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter that comes with a $2,000 guarantee.

Not many mortgage lenders offer a guaranteed fully-verified Pre-Approval like Get A Rate, let alone one that comes with a $2,000 guarantee (see guarantee details below). While this requires a significant amount of time and effort on our end, it’s worth it because gathering and analyzing all of the documents needed to approve your loan up front eliminates surprises down the road. Plus, it will give you a better understanding of what you can afford, helping you narrow and refine your search process. With our $2,000 Fully-Verified Guaranteed PreApproval, Get A Rate verifies and analyzes:

  • Your credit history and credit scores
  • Your income and employment history
  • Your cash reserves for the down payment and closing costs

The payoff is a Guaranteed Pre-Approval Letter that tells you, your real estate agent, and most importantly, the seller that you are qualified and can actually afford the mortgage loan amount.

What’s the $2,000 Guarantee about.

It’s simple. If Get A Rate is unable to provide a final commitment letter that meets the terms of the Guaranteed Fully-Verified Pre-approval Letter we issue, Get A Rate will pay both the buyer and the seller $1,000 each.

THE FINE PRINT: Problems related to the property or any material change in the buyer’s financial condition will nullify our guarantee.

Examples of things that would nullify our guarantee include but are not limited to a low or unacceptable appraisal, property condition, condo project or association issues, change in the buyer’s income or employment, change in credit, change in assets, and additional or undisclosed debts. Discontinuation of a special loan program used to qualify the buyer could also nullify the guarantee.  Any party agreeing to receive their $1,000 Guarantee Payment from Get A Rate will be required to sign a settlement agreement prior to receiving the $1,000 Guarantee Payment. The Guarantee Payment will be made within 10 days of receiving the signed settlement agreement.

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