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How does the Pre-Approval process work?

Some lenders use outdated systems where it can take days/weeks to get back to potential buyers who are on the edge of their seats wondering how much they’ve been Pre-Approved for. The good news is Get A Rate offers a digitized streamlined process that allows prospective home buyers the opportunity to find out how much they’ve been pre-approved for in about 10 minutes! 

At Get A Rate, our digital mortgage app consists of Artificial Intelligence and data-driven algorithms that have brought life to a new generation of cutting-edge technology offering homebuyers and owners digital transparent mortgage services while increasing productivity by getting your clients pre-approved faster! 

So, you’re probably wondering, how does it all work? Good question! It uses 5 Steps to determine a Mortgage Pre-Approval for your client:

Part 1.  The Perfect Loan Application
Part 2.  Online Credit Review
Part 3.  Digital Asset/Income Verification
Part 4.  Automated Underwriting Approval

Part 5.  Approved Loans & Rates

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